Creating navigation labels

I have a site using Nick Cates excellent Spartan theme. This theme has a drop down full page ‘mega menu’ and I thought it would be beneficial to the navigation to add some ‘descriptive labels’ below the page names in navigation.

In order to achieve this, I created an ‘off-site’ sub page for each menu item and entered <label>my descriptive text</label> in the RW Pages names. The result is just what I wanted - effectively making the sub menu a piece of descriptive text that enhances the page name.

Only problem is, it won’t publish! Crashes every time. Any thoughts welcome.

Screengrab to show intended effect e.g. under Trial Lessons and Sightseeing Tours:

I think this labels bit may be a red herring. Publishing error appears more likely related to out of date plug-in - Payloom3. Not sure yet but thats where the hold up appears

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