Deleting a stack while keeping the enclosed elements?

Another probably obvious one here (sorry) but is there a way to delete a stack or I guess a better term would be “replace” a stack while keeping the stacks that were nested inside it. So for example if I’ve built a page with a bunch of elements inside a regular one column stack and then decide I want to use a one column foundation stack instead. The only way I’ve found is to drag elements one at a time into the new stack and then delete the unwanted one that was previously enclosing everything. But this feels like I’m missing something slicker?

In general is there a way to selectively delete an enclosing stack without touching what had been inside?

Thanks much.

I’m afraid there is no way to do this. Sorry.

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Well, you could put them all into a 1 column stack so they can move together. I usually end up doing the same thing you do though and don’t like to add extra stacks if not needed.

Thanks all. Was hoping there was a nifty keyboard shortcut (command-option delete) that just deleted the one outer stack and left anything inside it alone. Maybe in the future!

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