Depth theme/stack and alt text

I am using Depth by @nickcates to design a new website. I am using the depth container background images and would like to add some alt text to them, but can’t see any way of doing so. Am I missing something? Could this be added in another way? If not then could @nickcates consider it as an update?

Thanks all.

For the background images, they are added with CSS, and not an <img> tag. This means ALT text does not apply the background images, as ALT is used for <img> tags. Hope this answer helps.

Thanks for the reply @nickcates - looks like it might not be the best theme for me then even though it looks awesome. I’m worried not alt tagging the images will impact SEO too much.

The Depth Stacks, and the Depth Theme are very different, I want to make sure were talking about the same thing. There is no requirement for css images being tagged, there is no worry here, as it’s not possible. And by not possible, that doesn’t mean you’ll be punished by google. Background images should not be indexed or searchable. You can add something like product images into Depth, and those would be <img> tags, and can have alt text added.

If Depth used <img> html tag images, then yes, you surely would want to alt tag those, but Depth does not use html <img> images. Hope this answer helps.

Ok makes sense… I think I was thinking it would use background images that are tagged for search engines to pick up on. It’s a photography site I’m building.

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