Digital Signage stacks

I am looking for a stacks or plugin that would allow me to do Digital Signage.
the goal is to turn pages automatically.
if we can choose the date of beginning and end of each page, it would be perfect.

thank you

Could you be a bit more precise? What do you want to “signage”?

For example like this or

I have seen that used at the local hospital…they used Keynote.

There are a ton of digital signage software platforms out there.
Can you do it with RW? Sure, but why re-event the wheel?

I suggest you have a peak at risevision.

If you want to do it I. RW, it can certainly be done. But you will need to deal with scheduling, fixed size (static) pages and more.

Of course, there are many solutions that exist.
The request for a theme or plugins or stacks for rapidweaver is to avoid another platform.

Otherwise what is the interest of the CMS Unlimited plugin for example? Wordpress is already doing the same thing!
the goal is also to limit the cost and avoid subscriptions.

Risevision has a free level that works great. If you want to go it RW I would suggest starting with one of the blank themes like foundation, you will also need content timing control like tradis stack. And static height stack. That will get you started.

Even with the Tardis stack, you’ll still need a mechanism to force the browser to refresh. You’ll also need a browser that you can remove all of the chrome (address bar, tabs, etc.). I’d make sure you have those basics nailed down before looking into RW tools.

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