Displaying my work

(divinus) #1

I want to have a site that showcases the sites I’ve done. Should I ask permission from the site business owners if they want to be part of my display page ? Or do have the right to display them as part of my repertoire ?

(Rob Beattie) #2

I’ve never asked for permission to use sites I’ve built in my portfolio. I use Doobox’ Portfolio stack together with a link to the individual sites and have never had any problems.


(Jason Bostick) #3

Good suggestion Rob, that sounds like it might be easier than what I’ve been doing. I don’t see it on the Doobox site anymore though. Maybe @Doobox can say if it’s still available and/or could I have a peek at your site to see a demo of what it looks like?

(Rob Beattie) #4

Sure. It’s here.

I hope @Doobox hasn’t retired the stack permanently, it’s a brilliant way to present a portfolio of web sites.


(Rob Beattie) #6

I’ve been looking into alternatives. I’m still considering LightPage by Nick Cates but while it’s a great plugin I’m not sure I need all that text space to say stuff.

I’ve tried using Will Woodgate’s Adaptive Grid with thumbs inside each ‘cell’ inside a Five Shadow Thing by Rapidweaver Central and that’s OK.

I suspect I could do something quite funky with Sections Pro and Sections Box from Big White Duck.

Short term however, I’m probably going to take the coward’s way out and try Gallery 3 from Instacks. I think a simple image grid and lightbox may be enough - certainly for now.


(Jason Bostick) #7

Can you just use the Foundation Grid with a reveal lightbox in each? My interest in the Portfolio stack was being able to just provide a link and have the stack create/place the image for me.

I agree with Rob that a Sections Pro/Box setup could look pretty cool. Nothing cowardly about Gallery 3 though :wink:

If you were already using tCMS on the site, a card layout blog would be a good option too…

(Rob Beattie) #8

I’m not using Foundation on this site. It’s Ruby from Elixir. And there’s no CMS required for me 'cause it’s my site. :sunglasses:

(Jason Bostick) #10

I think it would probably be overkill as a portfolio layout, but if you want to get hot and heavy with hover effects, you could try http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/card

Again, though, anything more than a handful of sites and it might be over the top (I also don’t know if the Card links could be set to launch a lightbox or if you’d have to build a seperate page for all any text you’d want to include about the sites you’re highlighting.