DKIM is or worth setting up

Any views on whether DKIM is worth setting up in addition to reCaptcha 3.

Any downside?

if you are sending out bulk email, DKIM is really a necessity.

I hate reCatpcha… I have stacks that support it. But I don’t personally recommend it at all.

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I agree with @joeworkman, I don’t like reCaptcha, and try other methods to prevent form spam, before resorting to reCaptcha. You can use honeypots, well crafted questions for humans etc.

As for DKIM, many hosting companies already have it setup by default. You just need to make that its configured correctly for your email domain. In the last 6 months, I noticed an increase in rejections by certain companies for email domains without DKIM, so I set it up for all my domains.

If DKIM is setup correctly, I can’t think of a downside.

Many thanks

Thank you for your time and advice

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