Do I need Google Analytics?

Im asking as I added it years ago thinking it a necessary step to take in order to get my site indexed but I rarely look at the statistics and wonder if I really need it now? If I were to remove it will my site be adversely affected.

If you’re not using the statistics then no,you don’t need it. Analytics being on your website has no effect on getting indexed by any search engine. If you use the tool it can help you determine what works and doesn’t.

But if you don’t analyze the results, and make changes it doesn’t do anything.

May want to consider just using Googles Search Console as a less active approach.


Thanks Doug, I have been reading various posts about EU web regulations and the need for cookies which I don’t want to get into if I can avoid it. I just maintain a site for myself and want the minimum hassle in taking care. I have replaced google analytics with Search Console.

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