Do Rapidweaver customer have to pay to use unsplash images or are they free publishable truck we can use for our creations?

I am impressed by Rapidweaver unsplash photographic images but are they free and can publish using them without copyright issues arising ?

And why doesn’t the podcast feature work? I’m only told every time I press the podcast button 'podcast failed something went wrong"
I’d like to know what and how to fix it because I have many podcasts I’d like to use on my site.

Technically you can use anything on unsplash:

Some folks are reporting issues with what is called copyright trolling.

Anyone can post any image on unsplash. What some low-lives do is post an image on a service like Unsplash and then remove it. They then use image searching software to find any site that may have used the image. They then approach the owner and threaten “legal action” unless you pay them a royalty.

They rely on the fact the many folks are scared of “legal action” and decided to pay the ransom.

So it’s kinda up to you. If you are worried about getting one of these demands, then at a minimum, keep some “proof” that you got the image from Unsplash like a screenshot.

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In addition to what @teefers says, there are also problems securing signed photography release forms from the original photographer or models. Especially any photographs you decide to use that contain faces or branding. Unfortunately word of mouth, a 1-line email or a quick screen grab would not satisfy anybody in the legal profession tasked with resolving a copyright or privacy dispute.

I see there are images on there showing a Coca-Cola can on a table. I imagine that if the Coca-Cola Company saw that on your website, they would sue you to infinity! It’s really not worth poking a sleeping dragon if you can help it…

The concept of Unsplash reads great. But it is a legal minefield. It does expose you to a lot of potential problems - problems you may not have anticipated. I suppose it is not too bad for print media, but for transferable digital media on websites, it’s kind-of the wrong service to be using. It was a shortsighted move for Realmac to include it with RapidWeaver IMO.

As I have said many times before, everyone is capable of taking decent photographs on a smartphone and using creative software to spruce them up a little. Such images are perfect to use on a website. Not forgetting there’s also lots of truly genuine, expert, friendly photographers who are worth chatting with.

They say that “everyone has a novel in themselves”. I like to think that everyone has a photographer inside themselves too! Give it go - try taking and editing a few pictures yourself.

Sometimes you see the same stock images reused time and time again on websites. It really does cheapen a website. Whereas if you use your own images, that solves many of the copyright issues and instantly makes your website more distinctive.


Do you know if Rapidweaver projects have specific data limit on what you can save because I put together a site with plenty of material at about 35 pages and if crashes when I try to save it with new additions.

You are going in too many directions in one topic.

You should contact Realmac with this… They may ask you to share the project file to help to determine what the issue is. Questions like this should contain a lot more information. ie:
What Mac?
What OS version?
How much Ram?
Version of RW?
What RW addons you are using?

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