Done with Support, back to teaching..... (not what you think)

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #1

Hey everyone,
I am sure most of you won’t care too much about this, but I thought I would let you know and also ask you for some help (more on that later).

I have decided to go back to my original career, and I have been working on getting my teaching license back. Since this is a big endeavor, I have needed to stop working for Joe and Weaver’s Space. This was a decision I have been thinking of doing over the last year or so and with things happening this fall, I decided to get this done and get back to my first love which is teaching elementary students. I really miss working for Joe, he is a great guy and we are still friends. It was a fun time, but this is something that I needed to do.

I am still going to be working with RapidWeaver, but this time I want to be able to teach students how to make websites. I have had this idea in the past but now with me going back to education this is the perfect time. This is where my request for help comes in. I will be eventually be making a GoFund Me page to try and raise money for 30 MacBook computers for when I get a classroom. I have talked with @dan about this already (a while ago) and he was ok with me putting a note on the forums here about this when I have my GoFund Me page ready to go. I have lots to do before this even becomes a reality, but I am hoping to get this done soon.

I have noticed people asking about why I have been so scarce lately on the forums so I thought I should let everyone know. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did, and I will still be around here and there, you just might not see me as much as before.

Zeebe (aka - Robb Ziebol)

(Michael Frankland) #2

All the best in your future teaching @zeebe - a noble career change!

(klaatu) #3

Oh my… that’s news indeed.

I really hope that things work out well for you Robb. I admire your courage in this decision but I’m sure you’ll bring success to what comes next. Hopefully you will still be around.

Will be looking out for the GoFund me link when you are ready.


(Lisa Sandler) #4

@zeebe thank for all your support over the years. Always love seeing you here and wish you the best :slight_smile:

(Cielito Gonzales) #5

@zeebe, many thanks for all the help and input you’ve given. All the best to you!

(LJ) #6

Your support will be missed around here! All the best for the new endeavour and many thanks for all the input over recent years.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!! I should also mention, that I have been a school teacher before. Taught for 10 years at a Catholic School. Kind of where I got my website making start from, they needed a website and I started using RapidWeaver.