EasyDB Updates - Nov

Hi All,

Just pushed out a ton of bug fixes and feature updates for EasyDB & mostly in FreeForm Pro. If you interested, just look at the EasyDB page on the RapidWeaver Community site: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/easydb

Click on What’s New & Read More. Updates are for Login/TextGrid/FreeForm Pro (10/11/2019)

Update (11/06/2019): More features / bug fixes for TextGrid & FreeForm Pro
Can see the changes by date in link above.

Cheers !


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Hi Bill,

I’m really interested in these stacks. I note from your site that it’s one licence per site - presumably I’m OK to purchase and test without committing to a specific URL?

Do you integrate with Cartloom, so I can base access rights on a Subscription model? (ie: Standard non-paying users can view their data, and Premium subscribers can edit). I guess there’d need to be a mechanism for lapsed Subscriptions too.



Hi Adam,

You can download the Lite versions of EasyDB and addons (which are limited to 15 records) so you try it out and experiment.

Cartloom and EasyDB don’t share user credentials, but I believe you could set up a Cartloom protected page and then place EasyDB stuff within that page and then w/ subscribe email you could give them an EasyDB user/password to login and be able to edit content.

For read-only you could place EasyDB in a page outside of Cartloom, obviously w/o EasyDB login, all data would be read-only.

Email me through my site if you have any more questions: https://www.stack-its.com/support.php


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