Edit title in Kiki theme

Hi all,
I’m usIng the really great Kiki theme from RW 7 plus CSS/HTML to replicate a WordPress theme from the University of Wisconsin. I’ve got the font, changed the hover properties of the main nav bar, and some other things. What I can’t figure out as a novice with CSS is how to add images to the title and footer areas. I also can’t seem to move the title all the way flush left. To see what I need, you can look at this page: https://integrativebiology.wisc.edu/
Thanks in advance for help. I’m quite happy to buy the Pro version. If this enables some useful features.

I was able to make further progress using the site logo option and CSS. I would still like to add an image to the footer, however. I’d also like to change font size separately for the navigation menu and body. I’ll keep working on this, but if anyone has a got-to tips page, I’d appreciate it.

It’s difficult for people to help you with custom CSS stuff without a link to the site you are building.

You could try something like this to change the Navigation size:

nav a {
font-size: 32px;

As for putting an image into the footer you could just put an HTML <img into the footer area of general settings.

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