Established wordpress site migrating to RW: SEO issues?

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I have a client who has an old wordpress site and I’m moving it to a rapidweaver site.

This is an highly established site with very high local rankings.

the question arose: will this affect the SEO on site if it is moved to a different server?

Are there any other effects that may occur as a result of moving away from WordPress to RW?

(scott williams) #2

As long as you use redirects in the .htaccess file to redirect old links to their new home you should not lose any SEO juice

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@swilliam thanks for the advice. So, the redirects have to be in the .htaccess file?

If I do the redirects via the cPanel redirect option (I think it’s a 304 permanent redirect), would that have the same effect?

(scott williams) #4

CPanel, just puts them in the.htaccess for you.
Btw, you want a 301 permanent redirect.

(Aaron Marquez) #5

In addition to setting up 301 redirects as @swilliam mentioned, I would keep the same keyword density in content, headings, meta + URLs. The order / layout can change, but the density shouldn’t.

Don’t expect a migration that keeps your rankings intact, they could easily drop 1-2 spots - but if done right, you’d quickly gain them back.

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Hello Aaron,

so you are talking about on-stie SEO, correct? This means I should ensure that the images have alt tags and that the pages have nice titles etc…any other details I am missing? And this means that the off-site SEO is already in place and should not change?

Thanks for your support

(Aaron Marquez) #7

That is correct. As mentioned, your ranking may fluctuate but that’s quite normal from what I’ve seen. If anything, it should improve.