Facebook Icon with Link in Footer?

(Bruce Kieffer) #1

Is it possible to add a Facebook icon with a link into the footer text? If so, what is the code? I have it close, but the link does not work. This is what I want it to look like:

Here’s the code I’ve placed in Settings/General/Footer:
© 2016 Bruce Kieffer | <a href=“http://kcfi.biz”> <i class="fa fa-facebook-square fa-1x"></i></a> |

And here’s my site link:
(I updated this link since the site is live now, and the link to Facebook is working, thanks to the help offered here.)

(scott williams) #2

It’s the quotes need to make it plain text not smart quotes
Then paste it back in

(Peter Danckwerts) #3

As @swilliam says, it’s the quotes. And, of course, the same applies to the actual Facebook link which you don’t have there.

(Bruce Kieffer) #4

@swilliam, Thanks, that fixed it.

@peterdanckwerts, Thanks for reminding me to change the FaceBook link. I will do that before a make my site live. I’m testing and building it now. Having fun learning RapidWeaver!