Fasthost Hosting & RW Webforms

I design a few sites for a third party IT Support company who uses Fasthost as their web host. The problem is that Fasthost have pretty strict conditions on webform hosting - - .

Is there a webform stack that can handle this?

I have them all (literally all the webform stacks that are available), and haven’t found a solution yet, apart from using a third party webform design and hosting service and embedding the code in the RW designed site.


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What condition are you having issue with? The link above seems to offer different answers for different plans?

I read that link more as a “don’t use our servers to send out lots of spam”, rather than being strict on webforms.

To reiterate what @teefers said, what have you tried doing so far and what hasn’t worked?

Basically, as advised by Fasthost I have created the webform (I have used the following stacks to test - Formloom 3, Super Forms, Foundry’s Form & Form Pro, Formulate, Forms Plus & Foundation Forms. Created a basic email account in the Fasthost hosting CP and used the email address as the form name (where available) in the form stack. Also where available, I have used SMPT to send the form using the email I created in the Fasthost control panel. does the form send once uploaded to Fasthost? No.

I use 1and1 and dreamhost for my own customers (Fasthost is the preferred host for an IT support guy that refers customers to me) I have also uploaded sites to 123reg and godaddy and littleoak for this parties and the form stacks mentioned above all work fine, just not on Fasthost.

The work around at the moment is to use a third party form handling and design service.

I have tried to persuade the IT guy to stop using Fasthost, but he fears change :slight_smile:

I just wondered if anyone else had got a RW Form Stack to work with fasthost (recently) and how they did it.

Cheers All.

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