Feature Request - "cancel" on "change Theme and Apply?"... dialog

I sometimes do stupid things. Like clicking on “Themes” and then Clicking a theme in the panel. I wasn’t intending on changing themes… I forget and I think clicking the theme give me info about it or something… but alas… I am confronted with "Change Theme and Apply to All Pages? dialog and the TWO OPTIONS are “Apply To All & Use Master Style on All Pages” or “Apply Theme to Master Style Pages Only.” Can you please add a “CANCEL” Button? Please? Thank you.


Agreed - unless there’s a (n elegant and safe) way to do so that isn’t obvious!

well, “Force Quite” will work :slight_smile:

Hmm; see my edit :slight_smile: !

Compared to my sledge hammer “Force Quite” IS very Elegant and Safe!

Yes, I have tripped several times over this “feature”, too. Why there is no “Cancel” button, is beyond me. It seems to be such an obvious option…

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Consider it done :wink:


This is fixed in 7.1 - :tada: