Font sizes in text area

(Steve) #1

Hi, Does anyone know how to reduce the font size of a textarea please (on a contact form). The default seems to be that the font of the question is far smaller than the font of the textarea that the respondent must type into. So I can adjust the font-size in Themes, but then either the question font is too small to read or the textarea font is too big to type sensibly! Clearly it needs some code, but I run out of expertise at that point. Any help very gratefully received!

(scott williams) #2

Hi @MK_Steve,
I’m sure someone can help but you need to give some more info. Theme and a URL of the page in question so that someone can have a look.

(Steve) #4

Thanks Scott,
Sorry; the URL wasn’t a good example. Best explained by - If you take the standard contact form in Rapidweaver, it’s the text size when a user types into the textarea box that is the problem; it comes out too big compared to the rest of the font sizes (labels etc). Is there some code I can but in to make that input text smaller?

(Jason Bostick) #5

Each theme will handle styling differently (and some don’t require extra code). It looks like your theme is Kiki from Yuzool. I’m not at my Rapidweaver computer but maybe @kryten can say if there are built-in settings for that theme?

(scott williams) #6

Hi Steve,
I am quite sure it can be adjusted but it depends on the Theme as to whether or not you may need a little CSS. Without a URL, and not knowing thetheme I can’t give you specifics.

LOL @jabostick musta been typing at the same time, I hear he is a rocket fast typer

(Stuart) #7

Thanks @jabostick and @MK_Steve

I’m also not at my Mac just now but from memory I don’t think there are any settings in Kiki that will control the form input font size specifically. If you would like to post a URL or raise a ticket AND provide a URL over on the yuzoolthemes support system:
I’m pretty sure we could find a solution for you :slight_smile:

(Stuart) #8

…such as adding this CSS to the CSS global or page code container:

.form-input-field, .form-input-textarea {
    font-size: 1.1em;

(Steve) #9

All - many thanks!

I can’t remember the theme, and didn’t know where to find it (see I’m really too inept to be typing on here at all)!

However Stuart’s (krypton) -your code worked beautifully (popped it into CSS on the page)… brilliant, and perfect text size now!

Many thanks Stuart, you’re a star! Really appreciated.