Foundation background image centred?

Hi all,

First time posting here in about 10 years! I’m hoping for some Foundation wisdom - trying to get to grips with it.

I might be missing something with the site background options. Trying to have a single symmetrical large background image - 1000x3000, no repeat, fades to black background on the edges - that is centre-aligned. I can only get it to be left-aligned - any way to make it centre?

Many thanks in advance

Not exactly what you’re looking for…but a suggestion none the less. Big White Duck’s Sections Pro offers tons of control for background images, overlays, etc. I’ve used their Sections Pro section stack for just this purpose many times. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion!! Didn’t realise other stacks could do background images… Ended up going with Joe Workman’s Parallax stack and it did great :slight_smile:

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