Gallery that can display the contents of a server folder

… But with rules to exclude certain images based on their size (px and/or kb) or keywords in the image title.

Does such a thing exist? Either as a stack or a script etc.


Looks like Gallery might be able to do this - - scroll down to the FTP Folder / Web Directory Integration section.


Thanks @robbeattie ob, it can read a server folder, but I don’t think it can exclude certain images based on rules?

I think the PHP variable feature can include only certain images, so might that not work? I may not be understanding the way it works correctly.

Ohh, good point. I’m clueless on PHP, but will do some reading.

I think @instacks Gallery3 can also do the PHP thing. I’ll look into that too.


I was talking about Gallery3.

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D’oh! Sorry Rob, brain firing on even fewer brain cells than usual today.

Thanks, I’ll chat to Jannis, been a while since I’ve annoyed him so he’s due it :wink:


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