GeoTarget Stack

I’m using Joe’s GeoTarget stack to make sure only people from the UK can view pages. The published version is fine - it shows me the “country matches” content, however, the simulated version of the page generated by Rapidweaver always shows me the “else” content rather than the “if country matches” content - even though I am in the UK.

This is a bit of a pain because I have to publish every time I want to make changes - just to see what they look like.

Have I overlooked something?

Looks like from @joeworkman’s documentation you can’t preview, need to publish

  1. You will not be able to preview this stack, you need to publish the page. For an summary of the remaining settings please refer to the GeoTarget Settingssection.
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I found a work-around. Weirdly, if I set the country to the United States it WILL let me Simulate the page.

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