Getting started

I’m about to download rapidweaver trial, I’d like to know what other real users think and feel about this app so based on these opinions I can take a decision on purchasing. I know html and css. Am I obligated to buy themes or can I just let my imagination do it’s thing? Also, is it anything like Sparkle or Blocs? Anything else you’d like to pitch in I’d be grateful. Thanks


Hi @pinkjay and welcome to the forums.

That’s really what the trial is for. It’s functionally complete as I understand it, and comes with everything you need to build a website.

I think it’s a great app, particularly for someone who’s curious about web design but isn’t a coder. If you ‘know’ HTML and CSS you may find the way RW works initially restricting - it’s a theme-based web design program after all - but as you delve deeper, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to exercise your skills.

You could use one of the ‘blank’ themes for example Blank and then use the HTML page type to build everything from scratch. That might suit you. But I’d suggest that wouldn’t be using the program as it was intended.

There’s a large and thriving community of third party add-on makers around Rapidweaver that will reward your investigation, but the best bet is to download the demo and have a play.

To be fair, RW isn’t for everyone but it might be for you.