Gold Members Forum

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #1

Is this available or still “coming soon”?

(Stuart) #2

Will that make this forum the “silver” or the “bronze” one? Are there any plans for a super elite “platinum” forum? :wink:

(kris ) #3

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(Brad Halstead) #4


Coming soon… holidays for the folks at Realmac after all :wink:


Hahaha… I think the Super Elite “Platinum” is already owned by the Dev’s… :wink:


Love it lol.

There will be no difference in the general forums, Gold Subscribers will still be here to post questions, answer questions, assist in trouble shooting. I think the gist behind the Gold Subscriber forum category is a place for Gold (maybe Silver) subscribers to have discussions about the content of the said subscription models so as not to upset the base (free) community when we discuss Gold/Silver Subscription items like subscriber Tutorial Video’s, subscriber Podcasts and subscriber Addons. Perhaps there will be other perks as well but I am not privy to anything more than you are in this regard.