Google analytics and GDPR terms

If I start using GA again on my site can I just include that I am going to in my privacy terms or do I have to state this independently of the Privacy settings?

It’s up to you, I think. If I’d used Google Analytics (I don’t), I would just mention that in my Privacy Policy page. If there is a GDPR requirement to disclose it independently of privacy terms, I am not aware of it.

For GA in Europe you would need consent of the visitor, before applying the tracking AND you have to explain it in the privacy settings and offer an optout.

I already have been using the Cookie Manager plugin for RW and have it setup not to auto play video content from external sources (Vimeo) so if you want to play a video the user has to click a continue button to play the video links. Could I not incorporate the GA terms and link it to this button of would I have to somehow create two button options then which would start to get a little confusing on the individual pages of the site?

Playing external videos is a completely different thing than using Google Analytics, so merging these two functions under one consent button would not make any sense, in my opinion.

I agree. I’m not looking for sense I’m just looking for an easy way to implement this from my point of view. It will be even more confusing for a users to have to choose or go through more than one click if they want to view video and agree to be tracked via GA

I understand your will to make it convenient. The thing is, GDPR rules were not made for convenience. They are supposed to inform users and put them in charge of their own privacy. So, again in my opinion, you should either make two separate consent buttons, or just one button for videos, plus a mention in your Privacy Policy of using Google Analytics.

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