Google indexing sitemap error 404

(Jayne edwards) #1

Can anyone help me? When trying to index my sitemap on google, it is returning a sitemap error 404. My site is Thanks in advance

(Bob Afifi) #2

What is your URL? ( not valid)

(Jayne edwards) #3

What do you mean not valid?

(Bob Afifi) #4

.com, .net, .org ??
What’s the full URL? (http://)

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

Why shouldn’t this domain not be valid?

(Jayne edwards) #6

The full url is

(Bob Afifi) #7

That’s weird. When I put it in the browser, it came back “Server Not Found” - now it’s working :expressionless:

(system) #8

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