Google not processing a sitemap

(Rob Beattie) #1

Using Google Search Console I’ve verified ownership of a website by getting and uploading the little token - all that’s good. I’ve then submitted the sitemap.xml. Google recognises it and then just says ‘Pending’. It’s been like that for a month.

Testing the sitemap comes back fine, but it’s just not moving out of the Pending state.

Anyone come across this before?



(scott williams) #2

The last one I did took several weeks, not sure if it’s just the updating of the tools info or not. You can also ask individual pages to be indexed.

If you try site:yoursite in search do the pages show up?

(Dave Farrants) #3

I’ve had two problems with Google sitemaps, once it refused to recognise it until I opened it in TextWrangler, added a space, took the space out and then saved it, another when it took 5 weeks before it was processed - I ended up submitting it every week!

(Rob Beattie) #4

Interestingly I’ve just submitted another of my sites (a test site) and the sitemap in there was accepted and logged within seconds, so I wonder if there’s something up with the XML file. I’ll take another look - maybe delete it and try again.