Have installed social media stack - do I need to remove the Addthis code?

Have installed a social media stack - do I now need to remove the Addthis code that I’d already added? btw. The stack is SocialPopup.

Does un-wanted/un-used code affect the running of my site - and if so how do I find it to remove it? I may have some other code from Addthis for mobile social media, which I never properly got my head around. I think the code for the PC version is merely located in the Stacks page and easy to remove - but I’m possibly/probably wrong?



Hi Andrew,

It’s always a good idea to remove all unused code from your site, otherwise it will inevitably cause problems further down the line. Unless you’ve added code inline in your HTML — or as you suggest in a stacks page — then you should find it in the Page Inspector, in one of the Prefix, Header, CSS, or Javascript Tabs.


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