Help!?! Can't upgrade project to 6.0

I was using 4.4.2. I purchased 6. I downloaded 5.4 Whenever I try to open 6 I get the following message…

"Your project is configured to use the a commenting service, which is no longer operating. To re-enable comments on your blog, please set up Disqus commenting within your project.

Blog comments will be turned off for this project, and some pages may need to be re-published."

I went into the project in 5 and turned off disqus…it didn’t work.


You say you downloaded 5.4, but you need 5.4.1 to upgrade a project file.

Im sorry I did download 5.4.1…

still getting the disqus message after this download when I try to load 6

Ok I am sorry I did download 5.4.1 from the instructions first and then I received the message about disqus.

Any thoughts on this problem. I put the disqus into the project to I have to publish it for a smooth transition to 6?