Help with a .js error?

I’m getting a .js error on this page - Since my knowledge of this stuff is pretty agricultural, I think it’s to do with Fancybox - which is Armadillo’s built-in lightbox.

Anyone who knows a bit more than I care to take a quick look with their browser’s debugging tools? I’m not asking or a fix - though I’ll take it - but some guidance as to whether it looks like the error refers to:

  1. Armadillo and Fancybox
  2. The theme - Henk’s Retract theme
  3. Will’s Litebox stack (which is also on the page)

Then I know who to hassle! :sunglasses:

Many thanks,


Line #50 of your armadilloFunctions.js file:

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).addClass(...).fancybox is not a function

Thanks Will. So I take it that’s not something I can fix and needs @nimblehost to help with?

To clarify, this error occurs because multiple versions of jQuery are being loaded on the page. Armadillo functions are indeed present and accessible, but are “attached” to a different version of jQuery loaded at the beginning of the page as part of the Stacks plugin (which is superseded by the theme’s version of jQuery, which is loaded at the very bottom of the page).

For other’s who may be encountering a similar issue, you may be able to resolve it by adding this snippet of javascript to the Javascript area of RW’s Code section:


Hope this helps.

It certainly helped me. Many thanks @nimblehost for troubleshooting this pesky problem. Blog now proceeding as planned.

Best wishes,


I have the same problem and this snippet almost solves the problem. But, when adding the snippet I get a another error instead.

Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function

Any idea how this could be solved?

Update. Managed to sort this problem with a small change to the snippet.

$= jQuery.noConflict(true);

At least this one does the trick for me.