How add Waterfall to a project page?

I’ve installed Waterfall into RapidWeaver 6. Now exactly how do I “add a copy of it” to my project?

I presume I start with the Manage Addons > Plugins tab. Now where do I drag the Waterfall icon so as to add it to my project??

Waterfall is a page type. Go to “add page” and then choose Waterfall (probably listed under 3rd party addons)

OK, I added a page and chose Waterfall. Now I’m supposed to activate Waterfall once it’s been added. But how, where??

If you click on the stack icon (far right icon) in the set of icons at top right (where theme styles, general settings, and others are located). Once the stack icon is clicked you’ll see 2 options: verified emails and activation. Choose activation and insert serial number. That’s it.


Do not integrate a waterfall page to your projects.
Create a small waterfall project. So you can update all your themes and stacks without any problems and very fast.

Oscar: why not have in a regular project? I’m not experiencing any problems. And Waterfall is very fast. I have it as part of my personal website: so it will always be something I’m tweaking.

Do you know of any specific problems/issues?

I would also think that adding a Waterfall page to a regular working project is the normal way of doing things. It is also recommended by NimbleHost. Is there anything we don’t know about, Oscar?

If I add a Waterfall page to a regular project, then that automatically added a corresponding item to the site’s navigation menu. Is that why you suggested using a special project instead?

I do the same as @Oscar… just have a project for waterfall on the desktop update all Stacks and Themes from there … very quick. Simples :smile: I’m sure it’s just down to preference, no need to have Waterfall on every site project.

Waterfall won’t create any content, but being a “page” plugin a menu item will be created in RW by default. As such, I’d recommend unchecking the “Show in Navigation” option in the Page Inspector when you add Waterfall to projects which you publish to the web. Or you can have a Waterfall-specific project just for checking theme updates - both approaches are valid and work equally well.

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Jon, thanks for clarifying this issue (or should I say: non-issue)… :grin:

No, there are no problems with waterfall in a project.
But for me it’s the better way with a separate small waterfall project, very fast and easy.
After the updates I can start my projects and all is up to date.
It’s my personal workflow :wink:

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@Oscar: Thanks. That makes complete sense!