How can I create a Roll Over

Hi I am interested in a gallery of images where I can show a before and after roll over effect. I have a couple of stack plugin but not sure how something like this (old school) can be achieved in 2016.

Thank you I am on RW7 I have a layer stack from NCD.

For a before and after stack take a look at

Thanks very much, I’m trying to learn this app hard to understand how it works to do simple things.

one of the great things about RW is there are many solutions available

Hi I’m sure it’s like photoshop but darn this is so different than any other app I’ve used!!!

Just post your questions, there’s a lot of knowledgeable people here…

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Ok I loaded that plug-in but I"m not understanding how it works, i see the before and after when I create a stack page with it and I dropped two images but trying preview, nothing changes.
I’ll take a look on the guy’s site

Are you looking for the effect where you can drag a slider back and forth, to see differences in the two images? (This is what image compare does. I have a simple working example here too: Or are you specifically looking for the image to change when you hover over it? In which case, something like Hoverbox might be more up your alley.

Hi Jason, I’m a corporate photographer thought I’d create a page that can show what retouching a portrait would look like to someone. Showing value, what I’d like is about 12 images where the user would see the image and usually it’s a mouse over and the image switches. I am having issues getting my head around how this app RW and stacks work. I can’t figure out (casually) if I have to use a variety of stacks to create a gallery of images and then this rollover or what is the best workflow.

One thing is having to always pony 15-50 or75 for all these little things is annoying. I have two stacks now but doesn’t seem like either will work for this. The link above seems to say it only works on one type of theme and I have nick’s theme.

Hi, I’m not in front of my Mac, but do you have an example of what you would like to create, an image or link would be best. Also which ncd theme are you using

From what it sounds like to me. I would set it up so that you have maybe a series of three-column stacks (just the default ones that come with your Stacks plugin should be fine). If you want 12 images, then 4 rows of 3 column stacks. (If you wanted bigger images, than maybe only a 1 or 2 column stack).

In each column, I would put an Image Compare stack (free download), with a before and after image, and then a piece of text that instructs the user to move the slider back and forth to see the benefit of image re-touching.

Not sure if that would do what you’re looking for or not.

@DFPHOTO, I am also a photographer and I also show on my site the difference BEFORE and AFTER a correction of a photo.

I find Will Woodgate’s stack (ImageCompare) absolutely perfect for that (much better than a standard rollover) – and the stack is free. It is also easy to implement. The product page contains enough information for using the stack – even for relative beginners.

All stacks that Will sells can be downloaded as demos for you to evaluate. He has a comprehensive Knowledge Base and instructions on his site. And he is tireless when it comes to helping users of his products.

Since you are a newcomer to Rapid Weaver, you may or may not realize that in order to use 3rd party stacks, you need to start with purchasing and installing the ‘Stacks’ plugin from YourHead Software. That plugin will enable you to use many different stacks from many developers, to extend and expand capabilities of Rapid Weaver.

Thanks, I have the YHS stacks 3 and the image compare but I’m stupid or worse I can’t understand what the guy means as far as setting it up, I don’t know where the settings for stacks is (obviously not reading the manual).

I’ve had a lot of things happening so I can’t sit down to learn this. the IC stack has some links that are not working anymore and I can’t understand if this will work with Nick Cates themes since the IC states it was made for a certain theme only.

I’m going to have to try that, over the weekend… I deal with it now unfortunately, that’s my issue I get into wanting to learn this but as you all know you need a lot of time to pick up something like this. I’ve said it but I must very dumb, I cannot understand this app set it looks simple but it’s not to me. Pissing me off since I learned video editing and photoshop plus 100 other apps but this and Word Press I cannot understand what the hell is going on.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Every new app is different and it takes some time to learn and to get used to. Rapid Weaver is relatively easy to learn. Some stacks also have a learning curve, but Image Compare is not one of them. As soon as you get a grip on how things work in RW, you’ll be ready for most of stacks. Just read instructions and then start experimenting right away…

Thanks Rob, it sucks to be a whiny person so i agree… I’ll get this app not rocket science.:scream:

hey, here’s a simple gallery page i did with foundation and image Compare stack and Sections Pro, not sure if you want to use the before/after effect or just a straight rollover. 3 column stack with the image compare or sections pro inside each column

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Wow that’s amazing… what I need never heard of sections pro, of course I paid 40.00 for nicks photo layer and it probably won’t do this after I bought layers from difrgria… something

I didn’t think about roll overs but your setup is great. Now I have to figure out how many days it will take me to do what you did in 30 min:scream:

Send me your email either here or private message and I’ll send you the Rapidweaver file. Just note that I used the foundation theme if you have it great if not, Let me know what theme you are using. Yes sections pro is a great stack!

dfcarsearch at