How do I include a transparent video as a welcome video on my home page?

I am trying to figure out how to include a transparent video as a welcome video on my home page. Many used to do this as a marketing video. Cool effect … but how is it done with RapidWeaver?

If you are talking about a video in the background, try the stack Play by Doobox

No, I already use that stack for background, I’m trying to put a transparent video (I have already green screened and exported with an alpha channel so the background is transparent) on the home page that has me walking out and welcoming my visitors. There has to be some CSS code or another stack that can do that. I hope!

I wish that transparent video was possible on the web. I’d be all over that…

This site uses it and sells it so it has to be available to some degree. I’m not a guru so it takes others that are to figure it out.

Look at this site and see if this is possible for us RapidWeaver diehards!

I have seen this on a few websites and a business friend of mine is creating these videos… check/

it is more like a video set to a fixed position at the bottom of the screen which can show a button at xxx seconds after you click play. Transparency comes from the alpha channel? Seeing it on top is just a high z-index.

@joeworkman that should be possible?

I do not believe so. Obviously I do not understand everything on that page. However, the fact is that only Chrome supports alpha channels in video at the moment. And that is only if you are using Google WEBM video format. If you would like to test it out, have a look here…

I do not anticipate this happening in other browsers for many years.

.mov should support it as well…

Here is a manual (scroll through the steps) for HTML5 Video transparency:

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