How to add a searchable e -commerce inventory for 18,000 books for sale

I am helping to run a secondhand bookshop and we have this site which I built in Rapidweaver.
We sell online via Amazon and Abebooks, but would like to add the inventory to our own website and add e commerce functionality to the site.
It would need the capability to upload new inventory items via a CSV or .txt file as we do for Amazon and AbeBooks, as manual upload isn’t a viable option for so many items.
Images of the books are on a server and can be linked to.

Any suggestions on how I would go about creating this? Is this achievable?

Many thanks in advance,

Rapid Cart Pro has exactly this feature, product upload via CSV file. For the images you put thr full url into the CSV file. I use it all that time and works perfectly. Best of all you upload to the plug in inside RW, not via the browser to a database.

Thank you very much. I was hoping there was a plug in that would do this. Much appreciated and great to know you are using it already.

You want a lot of layout options & management - take a look at EasyDB:


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