How to add Facebook-Like Button

I want people to directly like my Facebook-Fanpage on my Website. Is there a step by step-Instruction for a way?
There is a possibility to create a code on the Facebook Page. But WHERE exactly do I have to fill the two codes in. I’ve tried everything, but the “Like Box” does not appear anywhere.

Thanks for help!

I had this working at one point recently but now am having the same issue. Did you figure it out?

I am experiencing the same problem… wherever the code, nothing appears…

Please note that due to changes made by Facebook many of the button options are likely to only show up once Published, not in Preview. That’s likely to be the main issue.

with kind regards,

yes i saw that, what’s more i figured out that it was blocked by adblock, i put off and now it’s ok,

I think there ay be a time element involved here.

I cam back after not making any changes and it all just started working. May have something to do with FB verifying the site setup script.