How to add free space below a footer


I’m using a modified version of BlueBall Newzpaper and I’d like to have some free space under the footer so the background image is seen below the footer. Any idea?


RW 5.3.2


The standard way to do this with CSS (either site wide or on individual pages) is:

margin-bottom: 20 px;

or whatever value you want to increase it by.

But it may be easier (and more elegant) to adjust the size of your background image so that you don’t have to.

Thank you very much. There is now footer on top and bottom but they are only visible if you try to scroll “too much” with Safari, not with Chrome and Firefox (I’ll work again on that later).

I reduced a bit the size of my header and footer and that makes it always a bit visible.

In Safari 9.0.3 I see the light blue circular motifs covering the entire page. I don’t see a footer at the top. I can scroll all the way to top and bottom and see the page displayed perfectly.

I apologize: I may not be understanding what your footer is. Are you able to upload a graphic of the phenomenon, please?

I think I’m not clear about what I’m trying to have (haven’t written in English for quite a while). I would like the background/tablecloth to be a bit visible at the top of the newspaper and also at the bottom (50/60px I think). The idea is to really have the newspaper on the cloth, not just bordered.


Thanks; you write very clearly and now I understand exactly what you want to do :slight_smile:

Essentially you want to place the entire content of your page in the ‘middle’, as if floating and surrounded on all sides by the circular blue design, don’t you.

I spent some time trying to adjust the CSS to make space as you want. But failed: I think maybe the theme is overwriting my changes, since I note that they containers in question (#footer, #container and #contentWrapper) are in styles.css.

I suspect you won’t be happy with this: but I suggest upgrading your site to use a more modern and flexible theme. One which has the ability to situate your content vertically just where you want it. I note that the BlueBall site has not been updated since 2014 and no longer appears to offer Newzpaper; and that when it did, it required RW 4.

I suspect it will be better in the long run to do some upgrading and get ready for RW 7, then look at the many themes which have a huge number of such options. Then, you’ll be able to achieve this with literally just a single setting (or two settings if you wish to float down a bit at the top too). Good luck!

I upgraded to RW 6 and everything has gone wrong. It’s a good idea to rebuild it from scratch but it’ now a mess in my drive. I have the site data replicated in different places (the original place and my library/Application support). If I change the theme I still have stuff from the old personal theme…

I think I’m going to:

  • Trash everything,
  • Start from scratch,
  • Use a web version of the old one on my disk as a guideline,
  • Select a simple theme that appears to look very close to what I want (Tiger?),
  • Duplicate and rename that theme,
  • Write my personal specs on a nice text document,
  • Modify and simplify this new theme (remove unnecessary options like one color choice only, sidebar left, serif instead of sanserif, font sizes, justify…)

And finally copy and paste the content the original blogs. I should now have something clean again.

Lots of work ahead :wink:

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Hi Leraillez,

If you want to email me direct I will be happy to help you out on this if you would like.

@MarkSealey The Newzpaper theme is an older theme of ours but still works with RapidWeaver 5 and 6 as is. Not a problem to use it with either version of RapidWeaver. It requires RapidWeaver 4 as a minimum version of RapidWeaver it will work with. Also not sure where you see that our site has not been updated since 2014. We update it all the time. For example we have an update coming for the FreeStack Responsive site showcase later this week and several new blog posts coming out as well over the next week.

Anyway, if you need some help @Leraillez just email us and let me know.


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I assume I can also do this with the top margin?

Hi Leraillez,

Try adding in the following css code to the Site Wide Code field in RapidWeaver 6 and see if that adds the space you asked for at the top and bottom of your page layout. Or use it in the custom css field in the Inspector window in RapidWeaver 5.4.1:

body {
padding-top: 40px;
padding-bottom: 40px;

Let me know your results please.


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You certainly can :slight_smile: .

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My apologies: I couldn’t find the Newzpaper Theme on your site; and I read too much into:

© 2014 Blueball Design LLC, All Rights Reserved

Thanks for clarifying. Good luck!

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Works perfectly. Thanks

You know what I want my site to look like: an old newspaper on an old tablecloth, with fresh news. I’m working on the sites structure : news, full stories regrouping the articles concerning them (as a book).

It’s tough but it’s fun. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. So I’m going to start all over with a theme that I want to simplify (remove unnecessary options like multiple colors, width…) Newspaper is the one to use?

PS I dont know where to find your email :-/