How to change name on browser tabs

On RW6 I used to be able to set things up so the name showing up in the browser tab was only the name of the page. So for example I would only see:


But now I always see:

Learn | Media Lab

where Media Lab is the title of the site. I think I’m just forgetting how to do this, but is there a way in RW7 to set things up so I do NOT see the title of the site in the browser tab? (i.e. just “Learn” note “Learn | Media Lab”)?

If you look under the General Settings tab in the Page Inspector you will find this setting.

@BrandonCorlett Thanks. But I’m still not seeing the setting. I see how I can check the title on/off, but I definitely want the tile showing in my banner area. I just don’t want the site title showing on tabs when I’m on a non-home page.