How to create two specific effects : slanted window & "overprint"

Hi everyone, I’d like to know if I can create, if possible with foundation but not necessarily, these two effects :

See here : to see how it moves.

1 : the window is slanted, and I didn’t found how to do that with foundations. Is ti simply possible ?

2 : there is a little column that is getting a little bit over the slanted window, and I don’t see either how to create that.

Thanks ! :grimacing:

The Bevel stack from BWD should do the slant, and the Blueprint stack from BWD should help with the overlay.

Both work perfectly with Foundation, and they’re free, but a donation is appreciated if you find them of use.

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Yes it looks great, I didn’t know “Bevel”, it seems to be very complete, I’m gonna have a complete look (just started to see a few videos). So : THANK’S :wink:

Dont, forget Sections Angle as well, this will allow you to make the triangle connectors further down if you need them.

as @NeilUK says, BluePrint ONE will do the overlaps

That’s just perfect, thank you all !

Hello, it’s me again, something I can’t manage to do… again :roll_eyes:

So I can create slanted image boxes, but I didn’t find how to create a shadow effect, with a shadow around my “slanted column”, something that would be like this :

For the moment, I just managed to have something like this, where the shadow stays behind the column, not behind the slanted area :slight_smile:

So ; you guys have another solution for me ? :wink:

Did you try Sections Angle as per my suggestion? This is it doing what you want:

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He he he !!! NO I DID NOT : I stayed focused on bevel and I forgot to go back to Section Pro (although I did visit your link). Bad me… So : I can see your image and I’ll do that tomorrow (because it’s the end of my working day now) ; thank you again, I’ll come back to you with the same effect :wink:

Here s my little test project to get you started

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Hum ! I came just to shut down my computer and look what I found !!!
Thank you ; this is really a reason why I enjoy RW (since the third version) ; users are so cool, they are real “crèmes” as we say in french : thanks !

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Hi Andrew, NeilUK, just to tell you that… I changed my mind on my project and there’s no more slanted column !!!

But now I know how to do that ; there will be other occasions to use this.

Thanks again :wink:

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