How to customize Pinterest button on Blog page to match theme?

Hi! I was hoping someone can help me. I spent hours and hours looking through every board I could find to locate detailed instructions how to create a customized pinterest button to my blog images(blog is not a stacks page) through rapidweaver.
Currently I am able to paste the code from Pinterest and have their red button visible which does function properly. However, as branding is very important for my photography business I need to customize the actual pin image to reflect my color story/theme.

This is probably not a very common question on these boards, but I was wondering if someone could possibly lead me in the right direction!

Thank you so much!
Mariya :smile:

Hi! Hoping someone can help with below question? Thanks!

In all likelihood the button is being hosted by Pintrest themselves - in which case you are probably stuffed.
But if you were able to supply the code and/or the URL for the published site it may be possible to say more after looking at it.

Hiya Mariya,
I asked myself a similar question just recently for my own website. In the end I decided upon using the Pinterest button to lead to my pinterest page, not to trigger the “pinit” action. As a regular pinterest user I have the pinterest extension installed on my toolbar, so if there is anything I see on a webpage that I want to pin I can do so. In my case then your webpage wouldn’t need to have that script installed for me to be able to pin anything. As i have not installed the pint script on my pages it is one less script for the page to download, so makes the page overall a little faster. In my footer simply have a self created jpeg of the pinterest which loads nice and quick.
This doesn’t help you directly, but it may mean you decide not to edit the pinterest icon, which given that it is served directly from pinterest I don’t think you can, and may not be as important as you first thought.


Thank you for the suggestions:)

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