How to implement a hidden discernment process on a website?

I want to find out how I can expand an existing website with the following functionality:

A) Present content on a new page that is searchable according to categories and tags, and accessible via a subdomain and through the website address. (I think this could be done best with a blog.)

B) Allow visitors to turn in new written content, directly by typing it in a window, or uploading text or jpg files.

C) Allow behind the scenes (= hidden) a „discernment team“ of half a dozen people to individually make written comments to this new content (while able to see the comments of other discerners), perhaps classify it in some way in a few categories (A-F or 1-5 etc). A designated person of the discernment team than decides whether the uploaded content meets the criteria for publication under function A), is able to add a comment or statement on behalf the discernment team, and then transfers it to the public page as a new entry.

I work with RW 7.1.5, have purchased Armadillo CMS (but have not yet used it). The theme under which it should function is Henk Vrieselaar’s TABS. I frequently use PlusKit.

How could the C) functionality be implemented? How would you go about?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or questions, in case I haven’t been clear enough in my description or in my own understanding of the process.

Shalom, Franz