How to style divider lines in Foundation Top Bar - need a dotted line

(LJ) #1

I need to create occasional horizontal dividers between page links in my Drop Down menus. Using Foundation’s Top Bar - easy enough to do using

, and colour adjustment is easy using the ‘accent’ setting.

However, I need to have a Dotted Line - not having any luck with my attempts at inline styling or CSS. Anyone know how to do this?

(scott williams) #2

Try This:

.top-bar-section .divider{

(LJ) #3

Many thanks Scott - works very well except the sizing doesn’t seem to make any difference in RW. Not critical but I’d like the dots to be smaller if possible.

(scott williams) #4

Try throwing an !important after the size statement

(LJ) #5

Thanks - tried this but no luck. I’ll take a fresh look tomorrow

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