HUH? My web pages are missing?

This am I went to add some more products to my web pages and found all but one have vanished?
They still exist online?

After closing the program the pages are now back? WTF? Is this maybe a cloud storage thing?

I would not recommend storing images or projects in the cloud or Dropbox. Keep your files local and use RW Resources to warehouse them on your hosting server.


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I got this same error for the first time ever today. No cloud based storage involved. Restarted RW and it was then ok.

This is a PHP error. Nothing at all to do with clouds or storage.

The error implies that the internal web server that RapidWeaver uses failed to start. This is the server used to generate the webpage previews you see in RapidWeaver, for viewing pages with a .php file extension.

It’s a bug in RapidWeaver. I sometimes get it as well and it has been reported to RMS.

Quitting and restarting RapidWeaver normally fixes it. Because it forces a restart of the internal server RapidWeaver uses.


could be anything that wont let rapid weaver not start the web server, anyways I have large large sites where some of the stacks wont work do to licensing issues mapped to my domain so I use MAMP to spoof the domain on my computer so everything works.