HypeTitles stack from Multithemes - get animated titles in Rapidweaver

Michelangelo :sunglasses:, it’s just fantastic what you’ve done with the HypeTitles stack.

I have to digest first and then take the time to imagine what’s possible to do with this stack.

Thank you so much. Keep up with the good work.

Best Regards, Juerg from :switzerland:

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@juebai thank a lot! I had fun to build this stack, I would also like to improve it and I’m working on it

In the meantime I would like to spread HyperPro to the RW community because the two software can be very productive and creative together, with themes and stacks.

thanks again!

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@juebai I made an update days ago with some improvements, make sure to use the latest version.
Moreover I released another stack that works in then same way for font and images. this is the second stack where I use animation techniques that are usually used in the video editing like “after effects” but in HTML and rendered in real time. HypePro is fantastic for this purpose and offers tools similar to AE that run smoothly on all browsers. Take a look, also the “PREVIEW TOOLS” for checking the stack setting, viewports and breakpoints.

multithemes_stacks_PREVIEW preview tools

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@juebai a new UPG for HypeTitles today. Version 1.0.4
more faster loading, about 35% and new Toolbar in Dark Mode :sunglasses: (visible only in preview)


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You are a champ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Appreciate it very much.

@juebai a new upgrade is available, check it out

New UPG 1.0.5:

  • Edit mode: Now you can disable each item selectively.
  • Preview: Change the grid opacity 50%.
  • New font management to allow editing of the slogan with an external font; new option in the drop-down menu.
  • Added Fallback Font, title and slogan: Sans Serif, Serif, Cursive, Fantasy and Monospace.
  • Fixed bug in Rochester font in slogan.
  • Updated demo project with the new setting.


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A reminder for the Promo to buy the stack with 30%off , one day left!

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