Install Live Search deom 1LD for RW8?

Purchased Live Search for RW from 1 Little Designer. LS shows it’s been installed into RW stacks but doesn’t appear in Library. Does appear Addons/Stacks and can be revealed in Finder. Drag and drop into stacks page not working (just springs back to Finder?) Don’t see anything at 1LD site or on net. Sure it’s something simple.

Any suggestions.


Sometimes I need to restart RW after I install something and then it’ll show up

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It’s good practice to restart RapidWeaver after installing or updating any part of the app, plugins, or stacks.

Sure. Tried that first. No luck

for some reason that stack doesn’t seem to have the “.stack” extension like the rest of your stacks. that makes me think something weird is going on there.

you could try just adding the ‘.stack’ extension to the file – but really the .stack extension should never have been removed. so it brings into question how it got this way:

  • perhaps the installation process removed it accidentally
  • perhaps the tool you used to unzip the download corrupted the file.

if it were me, i’d re-download, re-unzip, and re-install very carefully and make sure that every step goes as planned and the .stack extension appears as it should.


Thanks. Turns out my stacks plugin needed updating.

Thanks. My stacks plugin needed updating.

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