Integrating PHPJabbers script in Rapidweaver

(scott williams) #21

No way to do it in RW.

I think your only choice is to export the page, edit it outside of RW and upload it to your server via ftp if that is the case. ie.- it didn’t work when in the JS area

(Mark Todd) #22

So here’s a question: would it be best to make this particular page a separate Rapidweaver project, then link it to my site, and then just leave it alone? There really shouldn’t be any changes made to this page once it’s done.

It’s sort of like another project I have that got REALLY big so I split it in two, but it still looks like one site when you’re browsing.

The next question is, what format should I export it as? Is there a good program that makes it easy to edit the text? Then I assume I just upload it via an FTP program like Fetch.

(scott williams) #23

No need to make it a separate project, you can leave it in your project and mark the page as a draft so it won’t get published by RW
When I say export I mean have RW export the page (this creates the html code) Same as exporting your project but just right click on the page and select export.
Once it is exported you can edit it with any plain text editor like text wrangler.
Put the code in then use an ftp client to upload it to your server.

The simplest thing to do would be.
go ahead and publish the page (or whole site)
in RW export just that page
mark the page as a draft so it won’t publish again
edit the exported file - index.php with a plain text editor
upload index.php via ftp to the folder it belongs in on your server


(Mark Todd) #24

I’m going to give that a shot this evening. I’ll let you know how it works!

Thanks for your great advice and assistance!!

(Mark Todd) #25

Okay … I actually just gave it a quick try.

You, my friend … are a GENIUS! That worked like a charm!

The only little things I’ve got to figure out at this point are some publishing questions I have here and there (for instance, when I have the page saved as a “draft”, when I republish the page it disappears from the menu, but when I have it in there normally, it publishes fine … AND, it also doesn’t overwrite the text I added with Text Edit).

But all in all, it’s FANTASTIC … you’re the BEST!!!

Here’s a link to how it works now:

(scott williams) #26

Glad you got it sorted :+1:t2::+1:t2:
Yes setting to draft will remove it from nav.
You don’t want to publish this page from RW it will overwrite.
You can keep it as normal but you have to remember to make sure it is marked as unchanged when you publish your site or it will overwrite.
Make a backup of your php page and keep it on the server in the same directory that way if you overwrite it you can just quickly duplicate the backup and rename it to index.php and you will be back in business.