Is there a way to change the color theme of the text editor on Rapidweaver?

(Albert Kinng) #1

I’m trying to use Rapidweaver as a text editor for a special project and even that the html plugin works great I don’t like working with too much white around the code. Is there a way to change the colors? as with other html editors? thanks

(Brad Halstead) #2

@Albertkinng, I don’t think so, not even in 6.3.6GM, however, it would be a nice feature request for RapidWeaver 7, you can add your request here


(Albert Kinng) #3

C’mon! The same XML file that give those codes color can be alter, right? Somebody can come up with a innocent hack to work around this need.

(Brad Halstead) #4

@Albertkinng, sure, when you find it, you can let us all know lol :wink:


(Albert Kinng) #5

:joy: I wish! Oh well… I can’t believe that option is not there by default. Seriously.