Is there any coupon code for life time subscriptions?

is there any coupon code for life time subscritptions for rapidweaver community tutorials

Rapidweaver isn’t subscription software.

what about rapidweavercommunity ??

I didn’t see any discount for the $399 price. @bon @dan ?

at the time of checkout i got 5% off . . is there any additional discount or coupon code

There was a cyber monday deal to get all video courses for $89. That may have expired now though.


Some of you are getting confused between the RapidWeaver Community Lifetime account and a Cyber Monday “RapidWeaver Training Bundle” that was on offer.

The difference is that the lifetime account gets you lifetime access to all perks (including training courses) on the RapidWeaver Community, whereas the training bundle got you a one-off download of all the existing training courses.

To be clear: there was no discount on the RapidWeaver Community Lifetime account as that is already an amazing deal — you get all current and future training courses (and all other perks on the community) for a one-off fee.

Hope that explains things clearly.

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:

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