Javascript for Drip Not Validating

(Steve Peterson) #1

Hey all. I have injected a snippet of java script from Drip email marketing into my website pages,, and it currently can’t be validated from my drip account. Code snippet looks like this:

Can anyone tell me what might be going wrong? Drip’s instructions say: “Install the following snippet of Javascript on every page of your website right before the closing tag. You should include this code even on pages where you aren’t displaying any Drip forms so that we can accurately track visitor stats for you.

(Greg Schneck) #2

If you look at your generated html you’ll see that the script line is repeated. Rapidweaver adds those for you so you need to strip off the “script” line (line 2) and the endscript (last line). Strip those two lines and try it. Validate by viewing your generated html and make sure it looks like your snippet.

(Steve Peterson) #3

Thanks Greg! Will report back.

(Steve Peterson) #4

Worked like a charm Greg. Thanks again!