Known bug in Rapidweaver? Preview and hitting Command-h

I don´t know if this is known already. but If i preview a page with command-R and pushing the app in the background at the same time with command-H, the App is freezing. Pressing cancel will force a crash.

I often run into this pit.
My fault?


No problems using this key commands.
This happens with all projects?

Good Question. I only work with foundation… Bingo. I tried some standard themes. No Problem. Placed a Stack page. No Problem. Foundation: Crash.

It seems to be a foundation problem.

Edit: No foundation problem. I can reproduce this on other themes too.

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It’s not a Foundation problem. No problems, also with foundation.

Perhaps, you need to repair the hard disk.

This problem is on two Macs, both 10.11.
You have to hit command-h when the “exporting” requester is shown. Complex websites are making it easier to reproduce. And then it will occur on non-foundation websites too.

Edit: The problem is pressing command-h when the export requester is shown for preview.

Edit2: From the console if i click on the cancel button of the frozen requester:

15.02.16 13:45:58,368 RapidWeaver 6[1402]: Handling crash with signal 11... 15.02.16 13:45:58,724 Problem Reporter Sandboxed[1412]: Failed to connect (colorGridView) outlet from (NSApplication) to (NSColorPickerGridView): missing setter or instance variable 15.02.16 13:45:58,725 Problem Reporter Sandboxed[1412]: Failed to connect (view) outlet from (NSApplication) to (NSColorPickerGridView): missing setter or instance variable

Does not happen to me either. Do you have the color picker open when doing?

Edit - I do remember something like this happening to me when I had an old Hexadecimal color picker installed. Do you have a hexadecimal color picker that is represented by the hash symbol? (#)

With or without color picker does not change a thing.

@zeebe Timing is essential for the crash. The requester has to be full shown. Mmh. Is this really my own problem?

I open the Foundation demo project, previewed the page, waited for the exporter dialog to come up and then did this until I saw the preview window and it worked everytime:
Command-H - it hides
Command Tab - Goes back to RapidWeaver.
Command-H - It hides
Command Tab - Goes back to RapidWeaver

Did this I think 6-8 times until I saw the preview of the page. No issues here at all.

Thanky, @zeebe Seems there is a problem on my Macs.
Can i manually clean temp files of RW?

Not sure, need to contact Realmac support or hope @nikf see’s this issue.

Please drop us a note with a project file, and steps, and we’ll be able to investigate.


I am uploading the crash reporting right now… 100 MB and it is still uploading? Really?
Still reproduced it with a new demo-project (tesla-theme). I canceled uploading the crash report now at 180 MB to

OK, so you can reproduce it with other themes?? Maybe correct the error in your second post as it is not a foundation problem. Just so people do not get the idea it is.

Please contact us directly via email!