Linking Mystery

For mystery fans. My framework is Source. I have embedded the grid plus spiral setup on the page. I am attempting to link the images in each grid item to a topBox 5 trigger. I have successfully linked 3 images but the remaining 2 refuse to trigger their respective topBox.

Tests I have conducted:
Linked the working 3 images to successfully open the 2 topBoxes.
Linked the 2 images to successfully open one of the 3 topBoxes as well as pages on website.
Reinstalled Source grid plus and relinked images to topBoxes many times.
Used Source’s Grid-Spiral demo to link all 5 images to topBoxes successfully.
Re-booted Mac. Burnt incense. Nothing works. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using RW 8

Per usual: a link to the relevant webpage would help a lot.

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This is a work in progress and had not yet been published. It is now available

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