Location of the backup zip file on server

I have just started to try out the new site backup which is saved on the server as a zip file. But I am unable to locate any zip file on the server using Transmit amongst my files or in folders. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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first is it a zip. Some ISP unzip files for you so it may be a folder.

If I go to the public_html folder on my server there’s a folder called:

328B2DAF-827C-4D97-AD72-03040C72BCA8_rwbackup inside of which is the my-project-filename.rw.zip file

@grajay Thanks Graham for that information. I have not been able to locate a public folder on my server so will probably do a backup of another of my sites, explore again and if necessary ask my provider Easyspace for help with the location of the public folder.

You can usually assess your public_html folder using a web browser Richard
and no doubt you’ll find the zip file set out in much the same way as I
illustrated. Your web host will let you have the ftp address (something
like ftp.your-domain-name.org/co. whatever) - just pop this into your web
browser address and enter the password that you have agreed with your
hosting company.

Not all host companies use “public_html” and many will and should block you from directory listings in a web browser.
Look at you publishing settings and the path is were the “public_html” would be.

There is a video that covers publishing


Look about 6 minutes in and backup is covered. ypu also cna just select download backup: