MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air?

I am writing on an iPad since my MacBook died. RW is the most complicated stuff I do. Does RW run equally well on the Mac Air? I am wondering which to buy. Many thanks for advice.

I’m using a 3 year old MBA and I have no problems whatsoever. The only suggestion I have is to get as much screen space as you can. When I don’t have an extra monitor, 11" is hard to work with for me.

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I agree that the screen size is crucial. Personally, I can not get used to working on my 15" MacBook Pro after more than 2 decades of using screens that were up to 27". So, I only use my laptop as a backup. My vision is not as good as it used to be anymore…

I’ve used RW on an 13" Air, 15" Pro and the macbook 12" retina…no problems. Main differences are resolution and screen size. Prices are good on the macbook air…I have a feeling they are not going to make them anymore. And the prices on the pro models should drop soon since the new “redesigned” models are coming.

Dear Brian and r,
Many thanks for your quick replies. I bought the Mac Book Air with the 13 inch screen. Once again, thanks for your advice.
-Michael Fox
Kakogawa, Japan.

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Might want to wait, if you have some flexibility. There are rumors of new models of MacBook Pro being released this summer–including a model with a 16 inch screen

I have the 2018 MacBook Air 13" and I have no problems with RW running on it. It has 16GB of RAM and a 500 GB drive with a Retina display. You can’t go wrong with this unit.

Mac Mini here lol

I use a 2015 MBP with HDMI to a 23"monitor at home. I can do basic stuff on the road with the 13" MBP.