MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air?

(Michael H. Fox) #1

I am writing on an iPad since my MacBook died. RW is the most complicated stuff I do. Does RW run equally well on the Mac Air? I am wondering which to buy. Many thanks for advice.

(Brian LaPan) #2

I’m using a 3 year old MBA and I have no problems whatsoever. The only suggestion I have is to get as much screen space as you can. When I don’t have an extra monitor, 11" is hard to work with for me.

(Rob D) #3

I agree that the screen size is crucial. Personally, I can not get used to working on my 15" MacBook Pro after more than 2 decades of using screens that were up to 27". So, I only use my laptop as a backup. My vision is not as good as it used to be anymore…

(r) #4

I’ve used RW on an 13" Air, 15" Pro and the macbook 12" retina…no problems. Main differences are resolution and screen size. Prices are good on the macbook air…I have a feeling they are not going to make them anymore. And the prices on the pro models should drop soon since the new “redesigned” models are coming.

(Michael H. Fox) #5

Dear Brian and r,
Many thanks for your quick replies. I bought the Mac Book Air with the 13 inch screen. Once again, thanks for your advice.
-Michael Fox
Kakogawa, Japan.