Making a members area private along with documents in it

Some time ago I created a members page for a client, secured it with individual passwords and set the robots to not index and not follow links.

In this page are multiple documents (both PDF and Word format).

I also added Options -Indexes to the .htaccess file to disable directory browsing

I now discover that Google has indexed all of these documents and anyone searching for ‘my client name, pdfs’ can easily download them all. It’s not a security issue, but the documents are for paid up members and not Jo Public.

So what do I do to resolve this? I have added an x-robots-tag to .htaccess but this presumably won’t get rid of the links already in existence. Any help gratefully received.

Change the URL?

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I guess - and then request google removes content. I was thinking of this as the resources folder has capitalised first letters i.e. resources/Members-Area-Documents. If I de-capitalised these that should work. Would I have to redo the document links in the members area? Not such a big deal but there’re a lot of them!

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